About us


The group of companies Air Innovation Systems was founded in 2008. Now we are being the official distributor of the best brands of the world-class climatic market.

We provide services for the design, supply, equipment mounting of any complexity, sales and after-sales service, technical consulting, installation supervision and training.

Our company is the supplier of the equipment from the leading European manufacturers: VBW Engineering (Poland), Lindab IMP Klima (Slovenia), Ciat (France), Tecnair LV (Italy), Clint (Italy), Daikin (Japan), Swegon (Sweden), DencoHappel (Czech Republic / Germany), Thermoscreens (United Kingdom), Dec (Netherlands), Systemair (Sweden).

We provide the delivery of a full range of HVAC equipment: chillers, condensing units, air handling units, precision air conditioning units, central air conditioning units, dehumidifiers, air curtains, air ducts, gas duct heaters, fans, air diffusers, etc.

The delivered equipment is characterized by high reliability and durability of its operation. Being one of the leaders in the market of climatic equipment, Air Innovation Systems offers customers high-quality European equipment, certified ISO 9001 and The Eurasian Customs Union.

To fulfill our obligations in the best way we attract the specialists with the solid experience in the implementation of the most complicated projects. Continuous professional development of each company’s specialist, different trainings at manufacturers’ factories, participation in professional seminars and conferences, monitoring the latest innovations allows us to maintain the high quality of our services.

Strict following to the partners’ obligations, high professionalism and careful attention to our clients have always been the priority values of our company.