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CIAT designs,manufactures and markets solutions for the residential, tertiary, healthcare and industrial sectors. Its activities are founded on optimizing energy consumption levels and improving air quality and comfort in buildings.

A major player in the heat pump, refrigeration and air handling sectors, CIAT invents cleaner, more economical and safer solutions. The group is also strongly committed to protecting the environment, which is a major part of its development strategy.

French expertise and manufacturing are hallmarks of the quality of CIAT’s products and solutions throughout the world.

Resolutely forward-looking with an extensive strategic development plan, the group conquers new markets thanks to an innovative range of products and systems and a powerful industrial organization.


Twenty-five years of experience and a strong entrepreneurial spirit are CLINT’s distinctive features. A winning combination, that offers highly technological and completely flexible solutions to the market.

CLINT’s strong point is a capability to provide targeted, customized answers to very specific needs, especially for large installations.

By combining its experience in centralized, hydronic air-conditioning systems with advanced plant technology and a number of innovative R&D solutions, CLINT designs, builds and customizes an integrated, comprehensive range of machines for centralized air-conditioning of residential, commercial and industrial buildings, complemented by a widespread pre- and post- sales assistance network with a strong international presence.


Founded in 1924, Daikin Industries Limited is the world’s no.1 HVAC company engaged in providing advanced, high-quality air conditioning solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Being the world’s sole manufacturer capable of developing a full line of dynamic products from refrigerants to air-conditioners, Daikin has built a well-established and strong presence in Japan, China, Southeast Asia, Europe as well as North America.

Pioneering products include the first packaged air-conditioner in Japan in 1951 and world’s first Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) system in 1982. Daikin is committed to explore and adopt cutting-edge technology in order to continually offer value-added and solution-based products and services to customers. The Group currently holds the prime share of the air-conditioning market in Japan, and is the leading performer in VRV technology.

Daikin ensures safety comes first, and the Group is reputed for its quality products and services. The Group also places much emphasis on “the fusion of the global environment and business management”.

In all aspects of its business operations, Daikin applies environmental-friendly practices, and actively promotes the development of new products and inventive technologies that help to sustain and improve our global environment.


From its production facility in Netherlands, DEC delivers  flexible hoses and accessories to wholesalers and distributors all over the world.

Dec strives to deliver high-quality products. It is known for the numerous international product certifications DEC has acquired in order to meet particular laws and regulations. The quality of DEC products is guaranteed by many years of certification according to ISO9001:2015.


Lindab IMP Klima  develops and manufactures products and system solutions for improved indoor climate.

Within ventilation and air filtration products, Lindab has solutions and systems that are energy-efficient, easy to install and well-documented. A wide range that includes both circular and rectangular systems, plus a large selection of accessories.The air handling unit is an important part of a ventilation offering. Altogether, this increases customer value.


For 40 years MONTAIR has been the name of excellence in precision air conditioning in high technology environments: Cooling Systems for Server Rooms and Telecommunication Plants.

MONTAIR trademark is in the network of G.I. INDUSTRIAL HOLDING SPA, a Company of the multinational G.I. HOLDING Group, which offers a complete range of solutions for comfort and industrial cooling: air conditioning and air handling systems in commercial or industrial buildings, cooling systems for server rooms and industrial process.


Systemair is a leading ventilation company with operations in 49 countries. Systemair manufactures and markets high-quality ventilation products. The product range spans a broad range of energy-efficient fans, air handling units, products for air distribution, air conditioning, air curtains and heating products. Systemair products are robust and simple to choose, install and use.


VBW Engineering has been active in the field of air-conditioning. It is a manufacturer of appliances for customized air-conditioning and ventilation of rooms. The company invests into modernity, reliability, inventive ideas, flexibility of production and economic solutions. The products of VBW Engineering have been operating in office blocks, hotels, hospitals, sports objects, banks, production halls, power generating plants, mines, supermarkets, cinema complexes, laboratories, public and private swimming pools, creating optimal microclimate everywhere. The main goal of the activities of VBW Engineering and its representatives in Poland and abroad is to manufacture PRODUCTS that strictly match the expectations, requirements and needs of the user. We have been constantly cooperating with research and scientific centers. We have been maintaining a close contact with professionals in construction and installation business. We use the newest components to include in our appliances. This allows us to present the market with specialist solutions, competitive in ideas and quality while applying economical criteria. The latest proposals of VBW Engineering are air-handling appliances for single and multi-family residential buildings, air screens with heating and cooling facilities and gas heaters.


Fifty six years French company Cheminees Philippe is keeping the title of the #1 manufacturer of fireplaces in Europe. It was founded in 1961 in the city of Bethune (France).

Currently, the plant consists of several production associations: ultra-modern foundry, producing exclusively iron fireplace inserts and stoves; processing factory and marble production of fireplace surrounds; woodworking shop; furniture industry (furniture for bathrooms, kitchens).

In addition, the plant owns a limestone career in the province of Gard (France) and pink marble career in Portugal.

Products “Cheminees Philippe” are distributed in more than 50 countries, including Australia, South and North America.


SwegonFor more than 60 years, Swegon has developed products and systems for energizing indoor climate with optimal life cycle cost in focus. Swegon is part of listed Latour Group and market leader in energy efficient ventilation and indoor climate systems.

Swegon will deliver smart products and system solutions that create a good indoor climate and contribute to significant energy savings.

Swegon’s ultimate aim is to work for the health and comfort of people in buildings, as well as deliver the optimal indoor climate solutions with the lowest possible life cycle cost to building owners.



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Ceriticate VBW

Ceriticate VBW

G.I. Industrial Certificate

G.I. Industrial Certificate